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Stratum Logics team presenting their award.

Stratum is the recipient of the Minister’s Award for Transportation Innovation-Innovation Category [2023]


The Stratum team is honored to be recognized for our design work using NPA cellular confinement to provide a sustainable solution that tackles the freeze-thaw issues of Sturgeon County‘s roads for decades. Stratum has collaborated with the University of Victoria and Paradox Access Solutions to study its performance.

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Stratum Logics is a full-service civil engineering firm specializing in geosynthetics for a broad range of load support, transportation, and municipal infrastructures.

We help design and build long-lasting, low-maintenance, sustainable roads and crane pads in addition to stabilizing slopes using geosynthetics.

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Innovation focused, we engineer cost-effective solutions that are advanced and sustainable. We provide:

  • A turn-key model of service with specialty contractors which ensures that our team provides multiple layers of support to optimize design, implementation and provide expert advice for your projects.
  • Support for Engineering Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM) firms and contractors giving clients the time and flexibility to run daily operations.

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    Indigenous Inclusion


    At Stratum, we are proud to be a strategic partner and to operate with Indigenous communities on Treaties 6 & 8, honoring the rich heritage, culture, and sovereignty of these lands. Founded with a vision of responsible stewardship and mutual prosperity, Stratum endeavors to forge meaningful partnerships through reciprocity, valuing Indigenous perspectives.  Our commitment to sustainability, respect, and collaboration forms the cornerstone of our operations within these territories.

    We remain steadfast in our dedication to ethical conduct, cultural preservation, and community empowerment as we continue our journey on Indigenous treaty lands.

    Stratum proudly sponsored the Young Spirit Drum Group

    We are deeply honored to have supported the journey of the Young Spirit Drum Group from Frog Lake, Treaty 6 Territory, as they unite communities through the captivating power of their music. This is a clip featuring them at the Indigenous celebration at the Calgary Stampede (one of ten events sponsored) – July | 2023

    Canfor Wood Products | Mel Jones | Plant Manager

    This is the third year since our NPA Geocell installation was completed in our log desk and yard storage areas. These are high traffic areas that tend to drive the winter frost very deep. The system continues to maintain its integrity during spring thaw allowing continued usage and access to all inventories with no disruptions to our production process. We are extremely pleased with its performance and cost savings.”

    For many years the Canfor’s Fort St. John mill battled extreme muddy and contaminated soil conditions. As a result, 988 Cat mobile loaders were unable to transfer logs to the mill during spring and fall seasons resulting in disruptions to lumber production. Stratum engineered, designed and supervised construction of a turn-key soil reinforcement solution for Canfor’s log yard storage and transfer areas.

    The multi-million dollar project eliminated all downtime related to soil conditions affecting log supply; improving mill production, employee morale, safety and reducing mobile equipment operating costs. Estimated cost savings exceed $1.0M/year.

    MEG Energy Access Road [Aug | 2012]

    MEG Energy, a major upstream oil and gas company, tested Stratum Logics with the construction of a 3.5km x 8.0m access road. The client knew that the conventional construction methods used by the oil and gas industry would fail because the ground was virtually entirely muskeg with a CBR= < 1.0. As the EPCM firm in charge of the turn-key project, Stratum Logics had to design and build the road as cost effectively as possible. Stratum Logics knew they could mitigate the need to import costly aggregates by applying advanced geosynthetics. In fact, adoption of the NPA geocell technology allowed Stratum to beat all the challenges set by MEG Energy. In the end, the unpaved access road was built in just 40 days using sand in the subbase and base layers and a thin layer of aggregate for the wearing course.

    Mammoet Overhead Crane Pad [Jan | 2014]

    Stratum Logics’ know-how and experience in designing load-bearing structures in extreme environments were called upon to design Barsi Enterprises’ rail yard project. Advanced geosynthetics: NPA geocells were employed to stabilize the ground for the new Mammoet heavy-lift crane at the CN Rail yard in Egremont.

    FPInnovations | Papa M. Thiam, P. Eng., M.Sc. Researcher, Roads and Infrastructure

    During the summer of 2015, I visited the Canfor Mill in Fort Saint-John, BC, to gain an understanding of the mechanical behavior of the NPA (Neoloy) geocell reinforced structures. Under the supervision of Wayne Hotte, yard supervisor for Canfor, I met with Mark Stuckey of Stratum Logics (Engineering Design and Construction Supervision) and Derek Breault Paradox Access Solutions, (Installation Contractor) to identify the drainage systems, choice of materials, layer thicknesses for the structures, NPA geocell design and installation process.

    This visit was very successful as the perforated NPA geocell is a very interesting product for many road engineering practices, specifically in areas where access to decent construction materials and/or weak subgrades can be a challenge. The sub structure bearing capacity seemed to have increased tremendously and the drainage systems seemed to be working quite well.”

    *FPInnovations is a Canadian non-profit member organization which carries out scientific research and technology transfer for the Canadian forest industry.

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