Stratum Logics

Stratum Logics is a geotechnical company that comprises a unique, experienced team of world-renowed civil engineers and geotechnical engineering experts.

Innovation led

Until recently, there has been limited industry knowledge regarding sustainable development and the use of new technologies in civil construction. Further impeded by a general industry reluctance to adopt new methods, this presented a niche for a geotechnical company specializing in the application of high-performance geosynthetics and NPA geocell technology (providing an alternative to costly and less effective conventional methods.)

Stratum Logics was formed to embrace and employ these technological advances in the design of load-bearing structures, including vertical support structures, to improve geotechnical engineering slope stability.

Geocells manufactured from NPA geocell technology, a nano-fiber composite polymer alloy, are a revolutionary improvement on the design of High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) geocells invented initially by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). With the introduction of geocell technology enhanced with a new high-performance material, reliable and sustainable structures can be built on soils and terrain previously considered impassable. They can also be incorporated into erosion control and earth-retaining solutions to dramatically increase geotechnical engineering slope stability.

Solutions Oriented

Committed to finding better solutions and setting the grade in geotechnical engineering, Stratum’s Civil Engineering Design Consultants have achieved breakthroughs in conventional design methodology with the application of high-performance geosynthetics and a layered approach to a full range of service offerings, customized to individual client needs.

As recognized Civil Engineering Design Consultants, Stratum Logics can provide the right engineering expertise at the right time for each phase of your project, including:


  • Project viability assessment
  • Detailed geotechnical and engineering design
  • Turn-key tender preparation
  • Design-Build

Range of Services

Stratum provides consulting services to engineers, EPCM firms and their EPC contractors, construction companies, and project owners in the application and utilization of innovative geotechnical engineering principles and products in load support and slope stabilization initiatives. In addition to design services, Stratum takes on the responsibility of overseeing the effective deployment of geosynthetic solutions to ensure their maximum performance.

The Stratum Team

Founded in 2010 by Marc Breault in cooperation with Dr. Sanat Pokharel (PhD, PEng), Stratum Logics has grown into a leading geotechnical company with the increasing demand for NPA geocell technology and cellular confinement products. Comprised of highly experienced geotechnical engineering experts and civil engineers, the company’s in-house team represents 100+ years of combined experience. Stratum’s engineers and geotechnical specialists bring global expertise to the table, and work together to determine the optimal materials and design for each and every project. Our engineers’ professional accreditations are recognized in the United States and Canada, proving that they have met some of the most stringent technical skill requirements in the world. Read more about the Stratum Advantage.

Together, they draw from a wealth of value-added experience that spans Hydrology, Load Support, Capital Planning, Estimating, Project Management, Quality Control, Soil Remediation, Laboratory Analysis and more, to create a robust, cross-disciplined mosaic of talent and knowledge that  establishes Stratum Logics as a leading geotechnical company on the world stage.

Stratum’s goal is to consistently deliver long-lasting, low-maintenance solutions specifically designed for sustainability and low environmental impact.

Some applications include:

  • Load support
  • Earth retention
  • Slope and channel protection and
  • Reservoir and landfill applications