Meet the
Stratum Team

Sanat Pokharel, Ph.D., P. ENG.

Principal Engineer
Ph.D., Hons Geotechnical Engineering, M.Sc. Hydropower Development, B.E. Civil Engineering

Dr. Pokharel has been the Principal Engineer for Stratum Logics in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada since 2011 and has nearly 30 years of engineering consulting, design, construction and project management experience. He holds a Ph.D with honours from the University of Kansas in geotechnical engineering. He completed his M.Sc. in Hydropower Development at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, Norway under NORAD scholarship and a Bachelor in Civil Engineering from IIT, Roorkee, India under UNDP scholarship.

Dr. Pokharel is one of the leading experts in the application of the unique Novel Polymeric Alloy (NPA) geocell technology. He has worked with governments, development agencies, international companies and universities in Asia, Europe and North America, including the complete engineering cycle for Roads, Dams, Canals and Water Induced Disasters and Disputes Resolution. Now located in Canada, he has designed, and supervised construction of roads for oil and gas companies and municipalities and logging yards, all of which used NPA geocell reinforcement, including Causeway at Grizzly Oil Sands, Access Road at MEG Energy facility at Christina Lake and CANFOR Logging Yard.

Marc Breault

Founder & President

Marc is a serial entrepreneur who drawing upon years of successful business experience, creates motivational corporate cultures of mentoring, hands-on training and support to transform vision into industry-leading enterprises.

Following years of experience in the road building industry, Marc realized there were new technologies that would substantially reduce construction costs and provide more sustainable solutions. However, with limited industry knowledge available in the market at the time, there was a lack of acceptance of these new technologies. Based on the concept that you can either embrace technological advancements or run the risk of falling behind, he founded Stratum in 2010 to provide engineering and project design expertise in the application of advanced, high performance geosynthetic materials and engineering supervision for their reliable construction.

For Stratum this meant bringing together a team of high-performance, “pioneering” global experts in the application of geosynthetics in geotechnical environments. Marc’s extensive understanding and experience in the construction and roadways industry provides a common ground for innovative relationships with domestic and international regulators, governments, and agencies.

Since its establishment, Stratum has successfully introduced these technologies in hundreds of projects and the demand for these new technologies has grown exponentially, as more of the industry has witnessed first-hand the substantial cost and time savings and their corresponding reduction in carbon footprint.

Arghya Chatterjee, M.Sc., P.Eng.

Engineering Manager with specialization in Structural Engineering

Arghya has a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering and has pursued his passion for mechanisms by obtaining a master’s in building and structural engineering in Canada. Over the course of his 15-year career, Arghya has become a licensed professional engineer in multiple Canadian provinces. His early exposure to soft ground challenges in the industry prompted him to delve into geotechnical engineering, specifically focusing on geocell applications to enhance ground stability and load-bearing capacity.

Arghya’s diverse expertise spans various aspects of civil engineering, concrete technology structural engineering, including innovative technologies for bridges, culverts, foundations, etc. In his current role as Engineering Manager at Stratum, Arghya oversees technical designs, proposals, and team progress. Notably, he played a crucial role in designing sustainable roads on muskeg, designing green slopes and many other situations where conventional solutions were not feasible. Arghya’s commitment to sustainability is evident in his research contribution on soil reinforcement mechanics and his efforts to make pavement designs more environment friendly and socially acceptable.

Arnold Gonzales, P.Eng

Project Engineer: Field-Survey-Lab

Arnold has over 15 years of experience in the civil engineering and construction industry.

As our Field Engineer and Material Testing Engineer, Arnold has inspected construction projects for quality control, inspected drilled boreholes while recording soil types and layers, documented soil profiles, collected numerous soil samples for laboratory analysis, and corresponding geotechnical reports. He has experience utilizing gINT software for recording and documenting borehole logs and is knowledgeable in employing Ressa software for slope stability analysis as per geotechnical report parameters. Additionally, Arnold is experienced in classifying soils and determining soil properties through material testing like as Atterberg limits, sieve analysis, standard penetration test SPT, proctor density test, Nuclear Density Gauge operations, CBR test, Dynamic Cone Penetration DCP test, unconfined compression test, and undrained shear strength test. He is also proficient in specialized testing services for the determination of geosynthetic material properties using Stratum’s state of the art testing instrument. Moreover, Arnold completed multiple surveys and layout using Trimble and Topcon RTK survey instrument and collected drone survey data via Phantom RTK drone using Profeller network.

Lastly, Arnold has advanced skills in both AutoCAD and Civil 3D. Using these programs, he has prepared structural plans, layouts, detailed sections for both paved and unpaved roads, grading designs, alignments and corridors, and models from topographic survey data. From these drawings and models, Arnold has generated detailed estimates and Material Take Offs (MTOs). Along with this experience, he has a multitude of other skills including structural design, project management, cost analyses, and contract administration.

Elmer Lopez, C.E.T.

Senior Draftsman
B.Sc. Civil Engineering

Elmer’s years with Stratum Logics have seen his involvement in detail and conceptualized design in drafting.

After 22 years of extensive and progressive experience, Elmer is highly proficient in the use of AutoCAD and Civil 3D drafting software. He has supervised project execution, including quality control of civil and structural buildings, roads and bridges, power plants, petrochemical (refinery) plants, and military installations.

Taylor Dagenais, B.Sc.

Engineer in Training


Taylor is Stratum’s Geotechnical Engineer in Training.

She is a recent graduate from the University of Alberta with a specialization in geotechnical engineering. Taylor supports the team in detailed designs of drainage systems, access road and pads, as well as geotechnical lab testing, field inspections, surveying, report writing, and research works.

During her time at Stratum, Taylor has completed numerous conceptual designs and has prepared quantity take offs and cost estimates for these designs. Through the field experience she has gained, Taylor has become skilled at performing field inspections and testing as well as survey services.

Murtaza Ali, P.Eng.

Field Engineer
B.Eng. Civil Engineering

Murtaza is a registered Civil Engineer

with more than 5 years of experience in field and design work, including 3 years of experience as a project/field engineer on road projects. He has performed multiple duties relating to project controls, change management, subcontract management, field execution, and quality assurance during his career, and thrives in a fast-paced environment.

Murtaza has supervised the execution of many on-site projects and excels at identifying efficiencies and implementing procedures to improve quality and cost-effectiveness. He received his Bachelor of Civil Engineering from Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, and brings to the Stratum team valuable industry knowledge gained in the oil & gas and public infrastructure sectors.

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