Access and Haul Road Design

Haul Road Construction

As hauling is the lifeline of the mining and forestry industries, washouts, rutting or sinking are obstacles that can disrupt production. Companies with job sites in remote areas or areas characterized by poor soil conditions are prone to accessibility and productivity issues. In fact, downtime caused by delays or unreliable access often translates into financial losses. To minimize such disruptions, geotechnically engineered solutions can stabilize and reinforce the base layers of lease, access and haul roads [heavy and light]. Moreover, geosynthetics provides practical and sustainable solutions for heavy haul road construction in particular. Specifically, NPA geocells offer increased bearing capacity over subgrades, providing robust support for even the heaviest haul trucks.

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How do geocells work?

When integrated into the base layer of a haul road, the geocells create a beam effect. This effect not only boosts load capacity but also evenly distributes vertical pressure horizontally, across the width of the road. This strategic application ensures a reliable and durable solution for navigating the most challenging terrains.

Geosynthetic Road Solutions

For access and haul road construction, geosynthetic solutions such as NPA-based cellular confinement systems:

  • can be used to lock solids and aggregates in place, providing superior soil stabilization [as well as reducing fugitive dust]
  • resist cuts, impacts, rutting, and subsurface degradation [resulting in less wear and tear to tires, vehicles and equipment]
  • can provide reliable, safe routes for transportation, forestry, mining and other natural resource extraction operations

In the case of some mining haul roads, the challenge extends beyond dealing with soft soil. Steep slope conditions prevalent in these operations create susceptibility to landslides, rockfall, and soil erosion. Stratum Logics leverages unparalleled expertise in geotechnical engineering design using geosynthetics alongside other methods such as erosion control blankets, soil anchors, and soil nail walls.

Stratum’s innovative soil reinforcement solutions extend beyond haul roads to encompass applications in railways, pipe yards, storage yards, and work pads. Additionally, it can help with the stabilization of slopes, embankments, containment ponds, tailings and settling ponds, channels, and mine waste heaps. These solutions not only control soil erosion during operations but can assist in mine rehabilitation. Moreover, they contribute to robust plant re-growth when the site has completed its life cycle or requires restoration to its natural state.

Temporary Haul Road Designs | Access Road Solutions

In instances where permanent roads are deemed unnecessary or cost inefficient, Stratum Logics can provide viable alternatives with temporary haul and access road solutions. These solutions can be swiftly implemented and safely reclaimed upon project completion. Beyond facilitating new access routes, temporary haul road designs also ensure immediate and dependable access to routes earmarked for future permanent roads.

In many cases, reclamation of an access route to a forestry or mine site is not just a preference but a project requirement. Construction activities can negatively impact natural ecosystems, raising concerns, especially where job sites are situated within protected areas like national parks, national forest areas, nature preserves or animal habitats.

Stratum Logics offers temporary solutions that meet project needs while minimizing long-term environmental impacts.

Infilling the geocell layer of a haul road with aggregate

Innovative, Cost-effective Temporary Haul Road Design

Stratum Logics is dedicated to offering unique and alternative solutions to address the specific needs of industries such as oil & gas, mining, energy, construction, transportation, and public infrastructure. Primary objectives revolve around implementing sustainable practices and delivering economic value.

By leveraging advanced geosynthetics, Stratum enables the cost-effective construction of access roads to reach plants, mines, and construction sites. These roads can be built cost-effectively in relatively short timeframes, regardless of the season, including winter.

Geosynthetic cellular confinement systems provide ground reinforcement solutions with the added benefit of using locally available and/or recycled materials for infill. In scenarios where soft, unstable soils would normally require costly excavation and replacement fill, Stratum employs geosynthetic materials to create a solid base layer directly overtop of a less desirable subgrade.

Stratum delivers value-engineered solutions that overcome the most challenging conditions.

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