As a specialist engineering firm dedicated to providing sustainable, long-lasting and low maintenance solutions, Stratum’s innovative designs incorporate high-performance geosynthetic reinforcement to deliver reliable, durable support structures, highways, access roads, embankments, erosion controls, work site pads, and flood and river protection.


Depiction of road applications.

Road Applications

Stratum provides a wide array of road solutions that span paved and unpaved roads, highways, haul roads, access or temporary roads, working pads, platforms, and airport tarmacs.

With innovation at its core, Stratum incorporates advanced geosynthetic reinforcement to build more cost-effective, durable, and sustainable roads that reduce maintenance and carbon emissions and increase reliability and safety.


Tough Cell layer

Soil Stabilization Applications

Stratum provides custom solutions for soil stabilization through structural reinforcement by using cellular confinement technology. This increases soil strength, stability and load bearing capacity, and helps to optimize costs.

Reinforcement of slopes with NPA geocells.

Reinforcement Applications

Stratum engineers employ cutting-edge engineering design methodologies together with the use of advanced geosynthetic technology to provide retaining walls and other environmental friendly solutions.

Engineers working on a design.

Markets Served

Stratum provides civil engineering support and design services to a wide range of markets worldwide. By utilizing the versatility of geosynthetics for multiple applications, Stratum provides cutting-edge solutions that support projects successfully.

Engineers working on a design.

Technical Papers

As leaders in geosynthetics, staying abreast of the latest technologies and applications is imperative to the team. Stratum’s engineers take a research driven approach to deliver success for clients.

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