Engineering Design

Civil Engineering Design Consultants with global expertise

Established in 2012, Stratum Logics is a civil engineering design firm that has become a trusted provider of Consulting Engineer Design Services, Design-Build and full EPCM services for civil engineering projects in diverse climate and geographic regions across the globe. Our markets served include oil & gas, mining, logging and forestry, energy and alternative energies such as municipal utilities, wind, solar, photo-voltaic and hydroelectric energy, railways, airports & intermodal ports as well as private and public transportation infrastructure.

Assembling a unique team of Civil Engineering Design Consultants that embrace innovation, Stratum’s goal is to consistently deliver long-lasting, low maintenance solutions for Load Support, Earth Retention, Slope & Channel Protection and Reservoir & Landfill applications specifically designed for sustainability and low environmental impact.

Engineering DesignCommitted to finding better solutions and ‘setting the grade’ in geotechnical engineering, Stratum’s Civil Engineering Design Consultants have achieved breakthroughs in conventional design methodology with the application of high-performance geosynthetics and a layered approach to a full range of service offerings, customized to individual client needs.

As recognized Civil Engineering Design Consultants, Stratum Logics can provide the right engineering expertise at the right time for each phase of your project, including:

Northern climate challenges

When building in cold climates, trust a team of Civil Engineering Design Consultants that are industry experts in the application of high-performance geosynthetics in engineering design for extreme cold conditions, providing durable, cost-effective, sustainable and even reclaimable construction project solutions that can be deployed even in winter. We specialize in Turn-Key contracting, Design-Build services, Project planning, EPCM services, Geotechnical Engineering and Structural Pavement Design for soft soils, expansive clays, and muskeg, particularly in northern regions where permafrost exists.

Pavement and roadway design experts

Engineering DesignAn established civil engineering design firm and leading geotechnical company, Stratum employs world-renowned roadway design engineers with unsurpassed knowledge and global experience in designing paved and unpaved roads for maximum performance using advanced geotextiles, geomembranes and NPA (novel polymeric alloy) cellular confinement systems. Stratum designs and constructs all types of roadways, from temporary access and haul roads that are environmentally reclaimable, to reliable secondary gravel roads, to paved major and secondary highways with a guaranteed design life of more than 75 years due to the integration of NPA geocells into the structural design.

Explore Stratum’s Roadway Engineering and Structural Design Solutions: