Engineering Supervision (EPC Contractor)


Every project has a purpose to be achieved, and the successful execution of a project can depend on the careful evaluation of its size, complexity, quality, productivity, completion time and cost. The planning, controlling and implementation of these aspects of a project can reflect the final outcome, and it is here that a consulting engineer’s experience and expertise can make an important and lasting contribution.

Engineering Supervision Epc ContractorAs part of our Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management spectrum, Stratum Logics provides Project Engineering Supervision and Supervision of Construction services to EPC Contractors, managing quality control and ensuring strict adherence to project design and construction specifications. Throughout the construction process, our consulting engineers will report on the progress of the project and conduct quality assurance inspections on behalf of the EPC Contractor. Stratum’s project engineering supervision and supervision of construction can help achieve greater project success by employing innovative technology and providing solutions that are creative and at the same time environmentally sound.

Benefits of choosing Stratum Logics for EPC Engineering Supervision:

  • Stratum Logics is a geotechnical engineering company with extensive experience in design-build projects, and unmatched expertise in the deployment of geosynthetic engineering solutions
  • Works In concert with trusted partners Paradox Access Solutions, providing geotechnical engineering design as well as construction where required
  • Value-added benefit of having the project’s engineering design firm also perform the supervision

Our EPC Engineering Supervision and Supervision of Construction service offerings can include:

  • Contract Administration related to construction
  • Pre and post construction meetings
  • Site inspections
  • Review of change orders
  • Quality assurance and quality control
  • Daily field progress reports
  • Commissioning and Acceptance
  • Issuance of Final Acceptance Certificates (FACs) and Construction Completion Certificates (CCCs)
  • Ensuring Operational Manuals and Training are in place
  • Ensuring Records and As-Built Drawings are submitted to the Project Owner

Supervision of construction for EPC Contractors

Engineering Supervision Epc ContractorStratum provides construction supervision and quality control work for every phase of civil engineering projects, assisting EPC contractor firms in attaining successful project outcomes. Stratum offers EPC contractors the support of an in-house geotechnical laboratory, survey team and quality control personnel. The Stratum team can arrange for the procurement of services from additional contractors as well as assist in the review and awarding of contracts.

EPCM project planning services

Effective planning can spell success for any project. Beyond supervision, Stratum’s project planning services can include: