Expertise with geocells

Deep muskeg soil.

Access and Haul Roads

Stratum designs access roads that can be built directly over swampy muskeg, often utilizing locally available materials (e.g. sand). By alleviating the need to import costly aggregates this saves time and hauling costs. Additionally, by using geosynthetic reinforcements, Stratum builds roads that drastically reduce the need for ongoing road maintenance and/or seasonal replacement.

Soft soil.

Expansive Clays and Soft Soils

Stratum conducts detailed geotechnical and hydrological investigations to predict the extent of expected ground movements to inform the design of appropriate mitigation measures.

Whilst settlement cannot be prevented, differential settlement can be attenuated through “peak shaving” methods thus creating a “beam effect” that:

  • ensures lower and longer amplitudes
  • reinforces the integrity of foundations and ground slabs and improve IRI in pavement structures

In many cases, Stratum is able to substitute costly soil replacement with geotechnical designs using advanced geosynthetic materials.

Frost Heave

Frost-heave is a common problem in areas where the ambient temperature falls below freezing during winter. The problem becomes severe when it is compounded with a poor subsoil condition and high water table.

Stratum uses structural NPA (novel polymeric alloy) geocell reinforced granular layer(s) beneath the surface to minimize the impact of moisture in subsoils. The accumulating moisture is continuously drained and redirected while in a liquid state.

Areas of Expertise with Geosynthetic Applications

Paved Roads & Highways

  • Cost-effective, durable and sustainable roads
  • Provides rut resistance and improved IRI
  • Custom structural pavement designs for paved and unpaved roads

Haul Roads

  • Reliable, durable road structures
  • Reduces damage to equipment, materials and personnel
  • Improves safety and truck and tire wear
  • Prolongs longevity and reduces serviceability times

Access Roads

  • Temporary, permanent, and emergency roads during road construction
  • Increases safety
  • Easily mobilized and demobilized
  • Durable and reliable
Weak, impassable soil/ muskeg.

Weak, Impassable Soils & Muskeg

  • Sustainable design solutions for road construction in challenging soils such as expansive clays and conditions like frost heave
  • Minimizes the need for costly aggregate or soil replacement
Tough Cell geocells forming the base layer of a pad.

Working Pads & Platforms

  • Long-lasting, low-maintenance pads and platforms
Unpaved roads and embankment.

Unpaved Roads & Embankments

  • Cost-effective, durable and sustainable roads
  • Sustainable design solutions with low maintenance
Tough Cell geocells forming the base of an airport runway.

Airports & Runways

  • Geotechnical solutions for tarmacs, aprons, and airport runways
  • Increases efficiency and freight services for airports

Pipeline Crossings & Protection

  • Customized pipeline crossing designs and delivery to oilfield or site
  • Efficient installation in one single lift
  • Reduces damage
  • Other solutions: vibration dampening, thermal and vandalism protection

Ports & Container Yards

  • Solutions with geotechnical designs support heavy loads in a wide variety of soil and operating conditions
  • Cost-efficient by using dredged material for infill in some cases vs costly aggregate
Ground stabilization with Tough Cell geocells.

Ground Stabilization

  • Unique methods for increasing the bearing capacity of soil
  • Common to the construction of structural pavements
  • Reduces construction time and costs
Reinforcing railways with Tough Cell geocells.


  • Cost-effective soil reinforcement/ground improvement solutions
  • Solutions include rehabilitation or old and the construction of new lines
  • Increases TQI and lengthens the times between maintenance
Slope stabilization with geocell technology.

Slope Stabilization & Channel Protection

  • Solutions designed specifically for slope stabilization
  • Designs include soil confinement, anchoring and controlled drainage
  • Increases long-term slope stability
  • Provides channel protection by using vegetated topsoil, granular infill or concrete surfacing
Tough Cell geocells forming the base of an airport runway.

Earth Retention & Acoustical Green Walls

  • Designs for retaining walls provide steep vertical earth retention
  • Provides structural stability under self-weight and externally imposed loads

Base and Sub-base Reinforcement

  • Designs use locally available, weaker, recycled, and RAP infills as materials to compact the the base and sub-base layers of NPA geocells
  • Cost efficient and time saving
  • Lowers carbon emmissions 
Researcher taking a soil sample on the land.

Sustainable Green Road Solutions

  • Engineering designs include soil sampling and geotechnical feasibility studies to provide more sustainable roads
  • Considers the ecological impact, carbon footprint and green initiative

Do you need to have a road built, a slope stabilized or any other civil project that needs reinforcement?