Impassable Soils & Muskeg

Stratum Logics designs access roads that can be built directly over swampy muskeg, often utilizing locally available materials (e.g. sand) alleviating the need to import costly aggregates; saving time and money during construction, and drastically reducing or even eliminating the need for ongoing road maintenance or seasonal replacement.

Expansive Clays & Soft Soils

Stratum Logics conducts detailed geotechnical and hydrological investigations, which assist in predicting the extent of expected ground movement so our engineers can then design appropriate mitigation measures. While settlement cannot be prevented, differential settlement can be attenuated through “peak shaving” methods; creating a “beam effect” to ensure lower and longer amplitudes, long-term integrity of foundations, ground floor slabs and better IRI in pavement structures. In many cases, Stratum is able to replace costly “soil replacement” with proven geotechnical designs employing the innovative application of advanced geosynthetic materials.

Frost Heave

Frost-heave is a common problem in areas where the ambient temperature falls below freezing during winter. The problem becomes severe when it is compounded with a poor subsoil condition and high water table. In silty soil conditions, capillary action sucks water into the voids and in many cases the formation of ice lenses aggravate the situation. In most instances, the issue of ice lenses is localized to particular spots. When the soil heaves, abrupt bumps form on the road surface making driving conditions rough and causing the pavement to crack and ultimately fail.

Areas of Expertise

Paved Roads and Highways

Paved Roads & Highways

Our structural engineering road designs incorporate advanced geosynthetic reinforcement to build more cost-effective, durable, sustainable roads providing rut prevention/resistance and an improved IRI. We supply custom structural pavement designs, integrating high performance, stiff NPA geocells for paved and unpaved roads which enable the confinement and utilization of “weaker” and recycled materials infills.

Haul Roads

Haul Roads

At Stratum, we understand that a functional haul road needs a reliable, durable structure to avoid damage to equipment, materials and personnel, and improve safety, truck and tire wear, production efficiency, and road longevity and serviceability.

Access Roads

Access Roads (Temporary, Permanent & Emergency)

Stratum’s access roads provide solutions for temporary thoroughfares on public roadways, separate heavy construction traffic from public roadways, decrease the level of risk to residents posed by an influx of construction traffic while maintaining superior durability, and can be quickly demobilized providing for easy reclamation.

impassable soil

Weak, Impassable Soils & Muskeg

We specialize in sustainable design solutions for expansive clays, frost heave and for road construction in challenging geographies with little/no aggregate availability minimizing the need for costly aggregate import or soil replacement.

Working Pads and Platforms

Working Pads & Platforms

Our innovative geotechnical, structural designs feature advanced engineering methodologies and high-performance geosynthetic reinforcement in order to provide long lasting, low maintenance roads and worksite pads.

Unpaved Roads and Embankments

Unpaved Roads & Embankments

Our engineers have developed accepted design methods for geosynthetic reinforced unpaved roads, incorporating geogrids, geotextiles and high-performance geocells for reinforced paved and unpaved roads as well as working platforms.

Ports and Container Yards

Ports & Container Yards

With the accelerated development of ports and use of containerized shipments, you need someone with the understanding and experience to provide the proven geotechnical solutions required to support heavy loads in a wide variety of soil and operating conditions. In many cases, we have been able to incorporate and reinforce dredged materials alleviating the need for costly aggregate imports and removal of dredged material.



We provide cost-effective soil reinforcement/ground improvement solutions for both rehabilitation of old and construction of new lines, increasing TQI and extending periods between routine maintenance.

Airports and Runways

Airports & Runways

Stratum Logics’ engineers plan and design geotechnical solutions for tarmacs, aprons, roads and airport runways to provide for efficient passenger and freight service.

Pipeline Protection

Pipeline Crossings & Protection

Our unique, dependable pipeline crossing designs can be planned and delivered to your oilfield or pipeline site, and installed in a single lift, making it the most effective answer on the market for protecting pipelines and preventing pipeline damage. In addition, we provide solutions for pipeline vibration dampening, thermal protection and vandalism prevention.

Slope Stabilization

Slope Stabilization & Channel Protection

We design solutions for stabilization employing confinement, anchoring and controlled drainage to ensure the long-term stability of Slopes and Channel protection using vegetated topsoil, granular infill or concrete surfacing.

Ground Stabilization

Ground Stabilization

Our team incorporates unique methods for increasing the bearing capacities of soil, most commonly in the construction of structural pavements in a wide variety of applications to increase the strength and stability of soil in planar and grade change situations to reduce construction time and costs.

Earth Retention Walls


Stratum retaining walls provide steep vertical earth retention and are structurally stable under self-weight and externally imposed loads. This is made possible through cutting-edge engineering design and advanced geosynthetic materials.

Rap and Recycled Pavements

Base & Sub-Base Reinforcement using locally available, RAP and recycled infills

The use of locally available, weaker, recycled and RAP infills as base and sub-base layer materials has been proven and implemented by Stratum in numerous projects. This offers significant economic benefits alleviating costly and time-consuming removal & replacement as well as lowering the carbon impact of the project.

Green Road Solutions

Sustainable Green Road Solutions

Our engineering design processes include soil sampling and geotechnical feasibility studies so we can provide more sustainable roads. Ecological impact, carbon footprint and green initiatives are considered from design, through implementation and maintenance.