Pavement and Foundation Heave Protection Solutions


A world of ground heave solutions with NPA geocells

NPA (novel polymeric alloy) geocells can provide ground heave solutions due to frost action in a wide range of applicable industries around the globe that are adversely affected by regionally unique ground conditions and dynamic ground movement. As a leading geotechnical company, Stratum Logics’ innovative structural designs incorporate geocell technology to deliver durable load support solutions that protect against ground heave damage.


With 50-plus passenger and freight railways operating on more than 44,000 kilometres of track, Canada has one of the largest rail systems in the world, running over rugged terrain and through some of the world’s most challenging weather. In our northern climate, the base and sub-base layers supporting railway track can be affected not only by heaving soil caused by winter conditions, but are additionally subject to the fluctuations of deteriorating permafrost. NPA geocells offer an increased dimensional stability and superior creep resistance under extreme environmental conditions. Our sustainable construction techniques minimize environmental impact and can be installed even in winter so that Canada’s railways can keep moving 365 days a year.


Ground heave solutions are also vital for airports, airfields and intermodal ports that require heavy-duty pavement to support aircraft and shipping loads.  As new airport and runway construction expands worldwide, they must often be located on marginal or swamp land that is extremely subject to soil heave and ground movement due to freeze-thaw cycles. NPA geocells offer the highest durability and lifespan expectations under such heavy dynamic loads and are an effective expansive soil treatment that eliminates the risk of frost heave, frost boils or ground heave damage.


Typically located in exposed, remote terrain with expansive soft clays or peat soils, access roads and work areas for wind, solar and hydroelectric facilities require special dimensions and load bearing capacity. When coupled with extreme cold conditions, these projects present a unique need for ground heave solutions. Expansive soil stabilization can be achieved by utilizing geocell components in the design and can extend the foundation`s structural lifespan by a factor of 6, allowing operations to continue unmonitored and worry-free of damages from soil heave and frost boils for the duration of its service life.


Natural disasters don’t wait for fair weather. Building foundations and other structures will better withstand the effects of ground heave damage when designed with geocell components. When disaster does strike, NPA geocell solutions can be deployed quickly and in any weather to create or restore critical/temporary infrastructure allowing for delivery of aid and supplies. In addition, the properties of geocell structures offer both an effective solution to assist with rapid reconstruction efforts as well as increased protection against potential future disaster.