Haul Roads


Haul roads and haul trucks are the lifeline of the mining and forestry industries. When a haul truck stops moving or can’t get through due to washouts, rutting or sinking, production as well as revenue can grind to a halt. Every minute of downtime in a plant or project site caused by delayed or unreliable access to a remote or difficult job site location means dollars lost. However, the payload can keep rolling when geotechnically engineered solutions are used to stabilize and reinforce the base layers of an access road, lease road, light haul or heavy haul road.

When remote, isolated locations and soft, impassable soil conditions make access to a job site a significant challenge, the use of geosynthetics in heavy haul road construction can provide a practical and sustainable solution. NPA geocells afford an increased bearing capacity over soft subgrades to support even the heaviest haul trucks. NPA geocells used in the base layer of a haul road or heavy haul road create a beam effect which increases the load capacity and distributes vertical pressure horizontally across the width of the road.

When conventional road construction methods cannot adequately address these specialized needs, geosynthetic solutions such as NPA-based cellular confinement systems can be used to lock soils and aggregates in place, providing superior soil stabilization as well as reducing fugitive dust. NPA geocell-reinforced haul roads will resist cuts, impacts, rutting and subsurface degradation. The result is less wear and tear to tires, vehicles and equipment, and reliable, safe routes for transportation, forestry, mine and other natural resource extraction operations.

In the case of some mining haul roads, soft soil is not the issue. Mining operations can produce steep slope conditions which are subject to landslides, rock falls and soil erosion. Stratum Logics applies their unmatched expertise in geotechnical engineering design using geosynthetics as well as other methods such as erosion control blankets, soil anchors, and soil nail walls to solve regionally and operationally unique haul road and heavy haul road construction challenges.

Stratum’s innovative soil reinforcement solutions can also be applied to railways, pipe yards, storage yards and work pads and to stabilize slopes, embankments, containment ponds, taillings and settling ponds, channels and mine waste heaps. They will provide soil erosion control during operations and can assist in mine rehabilitation, with the added benefit of supporting strong plant re-growth when the site has completed its life cycle and/or must be returned to its natural state.