Geotechnical Engineering

Stratum provides Consulting Engineering Design and Design-Build services for civil engineering projects in diverse climates and geographic regions across the world. Innovative and solution-driven, our consultants consistently deliver long-lasting, low maintenance solutions that are sustainable and minimize environmental impact. These include:

  • Load support
  • Unpaved and paved roads
  • Access and Haul roads
  • Earth retention
  • Slope and channel protection
  • Reservoir and landfill applications

Geotechnical Services

  • Geotechnical assessments with reinforcement solutions
  • Geotechnical designs for load-bearing structures [crane pads, log yards, compressor stations and roads]
  • Site inspection
  • Utility analysis
  • Geotechnical investigation and reporting
  • Soil sampling
  • Drilling
  • Settlement analysis
  • Bearing capacity calculations
  • Top-of-bank development assessments, including slope stability investigation, analysis, and remediation
  • Retaining walls, erosion assessment, mitigation, and design
  • Landfill siting, design, and construction monitoring

Geotechnical Testing

  • Geosynthestic lab services and testing [tensile testing]
  • Sand cone compact testing
  • Sieve analysis
  • DCP [Dynamic Cone Penetration] testing
  • FWD [Falling Weight Deflectometer] testing
Tough Cell layer.



Geosynthetic designs for long-lasting, low maintenance solutions

At Stratum Logics, we set the grade layer by layer. We apply advanced geosynthetics and NPA geocells for a wide range of applications. Ready to learn more about our geocell technology?


Tough Cell layer with before being infilled.



Research and development using NPA geocell technology

Research and sustainability driven, Stratum’s team of experts continuously seek new and innovative methods to implement and improve the performance of cellular confinement systems that are cutting edge, worldwide.

Ready to learn more about how our geotechnical services can support your civil projects?