Indigenous Inclusion

Stratum Logics recognizes the importance of Indigenous participation in the Canadian economy. As a private-sector corporation, Indigenous-owned Stratum Logics Inc. strives to achieve excellence within the Indigenous business community. Where projects exist on Indigenous territories, Stratum is the service provider and employer of choice in communities.

Our goal is to foster and advance sustainable relationships between First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples and the Canadian business community. Indigenous ownership instills in our companies an inherent respect and understanding of Indigenous peoples, their concerns and their beliefs. In our business practices, protection and stewardship of the environment is paramount. Our operations employ and champion sustainable, non-invasive methods and work practices that result in lower carbon emissions and a reduced environmental impact.

We are a proud member of AKSIS, associate member of NAABA and align with their commitment to create the ability for Indigenous people to participate meaningfully in industrial development as well as build the capacity for industry to engage Indigenous people. Our collective social license to operate is enhanced by providing long-term opportunities for Indigenous people through training, employment and sub-contractor development.