Indigenous Inclusion

Stratum Logics proudly recognizes and embraces the rich cultural heritage of Indigenous communities and their contribution to the economy. Our primary goal is to cultivate and advance sustainable relationships between First Nations, Métis and Inuit communities.


By fostering a deep-seated respect and understanding of Indigenous peoples, their concerns, and beliefs, Stratum strives to create harmonious synergy that promotes environmental preservation and economic empowerment. At the core of our business ethos is an unwavering commitment to the protection and stewardship of the environment, aligning seamlessly with Indigenous values.

For projects happening in Indigenous communities, Stratum is reputed as the service provider and employer of choice.

Environmental Stewardship

In our operational practices, we prioritize and champion sustainable, non-invasive methods and work practices that result in lower carbon emissions and a reduced environmental impact. From adopting traditional knowledge to implementing sustainable practices, we strive to be responsible stewards of the land, ensuring a healthy and vibrant future for generations to come.

Man paying respect to Indigenous land.
Smudging on Indigenous land.

Sample Projects on
Indigenous Land

DriftPile Cree Nation Icon.

DriftPile Cree Nation

Project Scope: Stratum was commissioned to assess and design pavements for an access road in the identified subdivision within the Driftpile Cree Nation area. The project size was 415m unpaved road and a 132,200m2 catchment. The job included calculating runoff estimates, sizing ditches, culverts, a dry pond and outlet structure.

Challenges: Driftpile Cree Nation is an environmentally sensitive area with soft localized portions that needed remediation grading, and a dry pond.

Solutions: In a joint effort, Stratum worked in partnership with the Indigenous community of Driftpile Cree Nation to prepare the geometric and pavement design. Stratum worked in tandem with Paradox who supported the construction of the job. However, the main crews comprised local Indigenous community members who were empowered to upgrade their infrastructure. Moreover, as the Indigenous community is proud of their connections to the earth, the community was happy with the environmentally conscious choice, Tough Cell® geocells. The job included:

  • Road and dry pond design
  • Grading design
  • Geotechnical report
  • Topographical and construction layout survey
  • Field investigation
Dene Tha' First Nation Icon.

Dene Tha' First Nation

Project Scope: Stratum worked collaboratively with Dene Tha’ First Nation to conduct a flood assessment and to subsequently produce a drainage/flood mitigation plan for the Chateh and Meander areas.

Challenges: Dene Tha’ is situated in a remote, flat, environmentally sensitive area that is prone to frequent flooding. As a result, it faced a complexity of problems including back water, ice jams and debris jam problems.

Solution: With mutual respect, the teams worked in synergy in survey and field data collection. Moreover, Stratum enabled training for the First Nation community in drone survey and field data monitoring. Fostering an environment of collaboration and team work, the joint effort between Stratum and this Indigenous community led to a successful execution of work including:

  • Geotechnical investigation and reporting
  • Topographical and drone surveying
  • River flow measurement
  • Drainage assessment and plan
  • Soil sampling
  • Drilling
  • River surveying

Events, Partnerships and Sponsorships in Indigenous Communities

Indigenous Empowering Through Collaboration with Stratum picture.

Fostering Collaboration

Stratum and sister company Paradox Access Solutions work to empower Indigenous communities through its partnership services.

Hockey Tornament Sponsor

Honoring the late Jim Nelson, a Big River First Nation Citizen with a 17-year Pro Career.

Engagement Oteenaw Career Fair

Stratum’s Josh Alexis with Carla Good Running from Oteenaw at the Edmonton Expo 2023.

Indigenous Empowering Through Collaboration with Stratum picture.

Indigenous Gifts

Stratum partners with Indigenous drum maker Walter White from Enoch Cree Nation to produce culturally appropriate gifts.

Signing with Young Spirit Group

Marc Breault, founder of Stratum sponsoring the Young Spirit Group as part of Stratum’s community initiatives.

Treaty 8 Wildfire Relief Golf Fundraiser

Stratum’s Josh Alexis representing Stratum in conjuction with First Nation’s Paul Band at the Treaty 8 Wildfire Relief Fundraiser.

Indigenous Empowering Through Collaboration with Stratum picture.

Employment & Training Event

Stratum was a proud participant of the Saddle Lake Cree Nation Career Fair held by the Saddle Lake Cree Nation #125.

Book Donation Drive

Stratum donated educational books to the Bent Arrow Traditional Healing Society- 2024

Paul Band Community Engagement

Stratum’s Engineering Manager Arghya Chatterjee [right]  with Paradox’s Sales Manager Bryan Knoll [left] collaborates with the The Paul Band Councilor Darren Rain providing engineering services on Indigenous lands.

Is your Indigenous community in need of our services?


Stratum is committed to establishing and maintaining authentic, mutually respectful, and meaningful relationships with Indigenous Nations in the areas in which we operate. We support direct employment, contracting, business, and training opportunities for Indigenous Nations. Guided by the Truth and Reconciliations Calls to Action-Call to Action 92 in particular, Stratum Logics acknowledges the history and diversity of the Indigenous Peoples of Canada and recognizes their distinct rights and cultures.