Markets Served

Oil & Gas

Engineering access roads, pads or yards through tough or near impassible terrain. Whether it be rugged muskeg or clay, in seasonal thaw conditions; Stratum is ready to engineer a solution.


Temporary or permanent roadways and slope control solutions for a variety of conditions. Drainage, weight distribution and the engineering of roads and retaining walls.

Logging &

Durable solutions for remote and seasonal high traffic roadways and yards. Innovative solutions with ecology and longevity in mind. We utilize Geocell technologies for superior resilience and weight distribution.

Wind, Solar &

Matching green design for weight distributed pads, access ways and ground stabilization engineering for diverse global wind, solar or hydro energy needs.


Long lasting, low maintenance ground cover, yard pads and permanent paved or unpaved roadways – our engineering capabilities make us uniquely qualified for airports and airfields.


Weight distributed paved or unpaved pads, yards and roadway engineering. Our specialists use Geocell technologies and traditional civil engineering experience to support construction and design.


Geocell engineered railways in sub-grade and ballast provide superior load-bearing performance, increase trail speeds and improve the safety of operation.

Public Civil

Roadways and highways for private and municipal civil engineering projects. Innovative geosynthetic solutions for slope control, roadway stabilization and low maintenance green highways for a changing world.