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As leaders in Geosynthetic applications worldwide, Stratum is dedicated to continuous research and development in the field of geosynthetics, NPA geocells, and their applications to provide real-world solutions. Geosynthetics represent a revolutionary class of materials with diverse applications in civil engineering, environmental protection, transportation infrastructure, and beyond. From geotextiles to geomembranes, geogrids to geocells, these engineered products offer innovative solutions to complex challenges in soil stablization, erosion control, drainage systems and hydraulic engineering.

Our technical publications serve as a comprehensive repository of cutting-edge research that informs best practices in geosynthetic engineering. Whether you are a researcher, seasoned professional or curious about our research, you will find a wealth of information to deepen your understanding and advance your expertise in the field.

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Load Support

In scenarios where conventional soil alone may not possess the requiste strength or stiffness to support anticipated loads, geosynthetics provide reinforcement and confinement to distribute the applied loads more effectively.


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Cold Climates

NPA Geocells are tailored for cold climates and enhance the resilience, durability, and performance of infrastructure projects in regions prone to freezing temperatures and seasonal variations.  They reduce frost-related damage and ensure the longevity of critical infrastructure in these environments.

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Weak Subgrades

Characterized by low bearing capacity, high compressibility, and susceptibility to settlement, weak subgrades are prevalent in many construction sites. Geosynthetics offer solutions to mitigate these effects, ensuring the longevity, safety, and cost-effectiveness of civil engineering projects.


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Geosynthetics have emerged as versatile engineering solutions that promote resource efficiency, ecological resilience, and social responsibility in infrastructure development. 


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Pavement Failures

Geosynthetics offers innovative solutions that provide enhanced reinforcement, drainage, and stabilization to roads, pavements, and pads against pavement failures. These include rutting, cracking, and potholes.


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