The Stratum Advantage

Stratum Logics was founded following years of infrastructure construction experience and a deep understanding of the need for improved technological solutions for civil engineering infrastructure development. Our team provides engineering expertise and design services in the application of advanced, high performance, geosynthetic materials for sustainable, low carbon infrastructure development and reliable engineering supervision of construction.

We have assembled an exceptional team of experienced and skilled professionals, led by Dr. Sanat Pokharel, PhD in Geotechnical Engineering with a specialization in the application of Geosynthetics in Civil Engineering, who working with Dr. Jie Han, modified the Giroud-Han Formula for 3 dimensional NPA (novel polymeric alloy) geocell reinforcement. Dr. Pokharel serves as Principal Engineer at Stratum Logics.

Global Specialists

Stratum Logics are global geotechnical engineering design specialists, and experts in the implementation of advanced geosynthetic materials for civil engineering. We provide world renowned, innovative designs for soil stabilization, grade change, access and haul roads, working platforms/pads over muskeg with very low CBR’s. As EPCM (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management) experts, our engineers are accomplished in all facets of the design and construction process, and deliver comprehensive, sustainable increased load-bearing capacity and grade change solutions for any situation or setting, year round.

Unique & Cutting Edge Projects

To date, we have provided hundreds of engineering designs, which have been successfully implemented in a vast array of projects — including projects of commendation and recognition — in all types of soils and climates. There is no access, haul road, pavement, railway, slope, wall, landfill, reservoir or channel that we can’t handle. Our industry leadership has been relied on by private and public companies, and local, provincial and federal governments throughout the Americas.

Research & Development

At Stratum Logics, we are committed to sharing our expertise with our clients and believe it is our duty to deliver creative, sustainable and reliable civil engineering solutions. As global specialists in the application of geosynthetics, we provide future generations with sustainable, long-lasting transportation infrastructure without burdening current generations with the economic cost. Our design methodologies and construction techniques enable us to solve our clients’ greatest geotechnical challenges. Our team is comprised of leading minds in geosynthetic applications and Dr. Sanat Pokharel regularly publishes and presents scientific papers at key Geotechnical gatherings. Most of his research papers and presentations are co-authored with Professors Dr. Jie Han and Dr. Dov Leschinsky and Dr. Ofer Kief.

Geocell Technology

Following the invention of Geocells by the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers in the 1970’s, and after years of research on the NPA (novel polymeric alloy geocell) sponsored by five U.S. D.O.Ts at the University of Kansas, Kansas State University in addition to Clausthal University and after meticulous evaluations, Stratum Logics chooses to employ a strong and stiffer, nano-polymer geocell made from Tough Cell® based on merits compared to other alternatives. Our structural designs feature innovative geosynthetic reinforcement in order to provide long lasting, low maintenance roads and working platforms, tank foundations, logging and well pads. The design-life of this high performance geocell material is warranteed to perform for 75 years, even in the most difficult conditions, extreme temperatures and their stiff, strong reinforcement enables higher traffic and heavier loads. This sustainable method of construction enables development while lowering the environmental impact and carbon footprint of civil infrastructure projects.